the 411

Pronounced Je-nna, helloitsjeanna has always had a deep rooted love for all things creative. As a DJ that rocks parties with style and grace, she fuses classic hip hop and r&b with electro and indie favorites. Fused with party rocker insight, she has a genuine wish to bring visibility to underground, lesser known artists by giving them a platform for recognition through her sets. Her strong intuition to curate intricate sounds serves as a soundtrack for the magnetic and diverse amalgam that is New York City. She has performed at various and diverse venues in this city like Webster Hall, The Skinny Bar, Ugly Kitchen and even Trinity Church in Harlem.

As a creative, she has amassed a range of skills from singing, image consulting, and even personal training. When she is not deep in curating sounds, she helps others get into shape and feel their best as well as running with her crew Mission Iā€™m Possible in NYC, making informative and entertaining YouTube videos on her channel, and hanging out with Louis the Pug.